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Mastering the 430
A complete multimedia course for all pilots.






The Online Multimedia Course
Mastering the Garmin 430
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Garmin GNS 430 Simulator (400 Series)
Garmin offers a very sophisticated GNS 430 simulator. It is available for free as a download. Click here to go to the download page.

Next, discover how to use this simulator. We remove the confusion factor, showing you precisely how to use this powerful tool. It's easy and fun.

Note that Garmin states that the simulator is not compatible with Windows Vista or Windows 7. Nevertheless, it apparently will run in some Vista and Windows 7 configurations.

Videos and DVDs may demonstrate the 430's functions. But "Mastering the 430" is the only interactive online tool that actually teaches you. It is the easiest way to become proficient with the Garmin 430. 


Russ Still is the narrator for the Gold Seal Online Ground School and is the author of
"The Art and Science of Better Landings", "Squawk VFR", and the Gold Seal series of
audio training CDs for Private and Instrument Pilots.
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