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A complete multimedia course and reference for all pilots. Guaranteed to be the easiest and most efficient way to master this popular GPS.


Chapter Page Hierarchy in the Garmin 430

The Garmin 430 is divided into four main groups that are analogous to the chapters in a book. There are some additional chapters such as the FPL (flightplan) and PROC (procedure) groups. But the main chapters shown below are the ones that are accessed with the concentric knobs on the unit's lower right corner. The large outer knob changes chapters and the small inner knob changes pages within the selected chapter. Think big knob big change, small knob small change.  




The Second Page of the NAV chapter is shown here. The aircraft is in the center.

The currently selected chapter (i.e. group) will be indicated in the screen's lower right corner. Garmin refers to this as the Page Group Window. The number of boxes specify how many pages are contained in the chapter. The white box indicates which page is currently displayed.
The NAV chapter contains the pages used for primary navigation. (6-8 pages)
The WPT chapter provides information about airports and fixes. (10 pages)
The AUX chapter contains a variety of system and control functions. (4 pages)
The NRST chapter lists the nearest airports and fixes. (8 pages)

By default, the NAV chapter first page is shown after system powerup. You can return quickly to this default page from any other page at any time be holding down the  CLR  key for two seconds.